ننگبو، چین کے ساحلی علاقے میں 2012 میں قائم ہونے سے Kuer گروپ خیال سب کو ایک اعلی معیار کی روٹو ڑالا پلاسٹک کی مصنوعات کی مستحق ہے کہ کی طرف سے پیدا ہوا تھا. اس خیال سے، ہم مناسب قیمتوں کے ساتھ عملی طور پر اوناشی روٹو ڑالا مصنوعات کی ایک لائن کا آغاز کیا. ہماری آر اینڈ ڈی کی ٹیم rotationally ڑالا پلاسٹک کی مصنوعات میں 5-10 سال کے پرچر تجربہ ہے. Kayaks اور کولر فخر کے ساتھ، انجنیئر tooled، کامل اور سے Kuer گروپ کی طرف سے تیار تصور پیش کر رہے ہیں. COOL کیاک، ICEKING، سے Kuer: اب سے Kuer گروپ تین برانڈز کا مالک ہے.



  • Customized Medical Army Military project Storage Tool Box China supplier

    Customized Medical Army Military project Storag...

    Short Description: Customized Medical Army Military project Tool Box with the development of technology and society,tool box becomes much more popular than before and its technology improves a lot.Tool box is easy to carry and reliable in storage and it becomes important part of human life.It can be used in industry field,military field,fire-fighting field,outdoor fields and so on. .   Product Specifications Name Tool box OEM Customized available Material LLPED Color,Size Customized. 
  • Rotomolded Large Cooler Box with Wheels

    Rotomolded Large Cooler Box with Wheels

    Kuer Cheap Rotomolded Cooler Box with Wheels Product Description Description: Easy to carry and with advanced features, it was built to handle all you throw at it, adventure after adventure. Made with the same roto-molded polyethylene construction used to make kayaks this cooler holds up against bumps, dragging and scraping against hard objects. Certified as a bear-resistant food container when used with two pad-locks on both front corners, this compact sized cooler is ideal for your kayak,...
  • China Recreational Double Kayak for sale

    China Recreational Double Kayak for sale

    China Recreational Polyethene Kayak Boat Introduction: This family kayak is one of the popular tandem sit-on-top kayaks.Over 300kgs capacoty plus great stability makes it a great choice for two parents with their kid.Take your kid to do some explorations and let them learn more about the world.   Specification Specification Length 370cm/145.67” Width 86cm/33.86” Height 40cm/15.75” Gross Weight 33/72.75lbs Net Weight 32kgs/70.45lbs Seat 2+1 Capacity 250...
  • China Single 5.1m Sit In Sea Fishing Kayak

    China Single 5.1m Sit In Sea Fishing Kayak

    China Single 5.1m Sit In Sea Fishing Kayak Rapier touring kayak with great comfort allows you to go anywhere you want.With spaciuos seat well and comfortable backseat,it will deliver a pleasant experience of your sea touring.Now,explore the unknown where you have not gone before. Specification:                                    Standard Parts: Length:510cm                                   2*Bow&stern carrying handle Width:66cm                                      2*Elliptical hatch sto...
  • Tarpon ڑکیلنا 10FT

    Tarpon ڑکیلنا 10FT

    Specification: Size: 3200x835x435mm/126.08×32.90×17.14inch Kayak weight: 28kg/61.6lbs Pedal Weight: 7.5kg/165.lbs Backseat:2.4kg/4.8lbs Rated passenger capacity:1 person Load bearing: 140kg/308lbs   Standard parts(For Free): ●Front fishing lid  ●Sliding rail ●BIG rubber stopper ●Drain plug ●Eyes button ●Carry handle ●Flush rod holder ●Bungee cord ●Cover for pedal   ●Rudder system  ●Adjustable aluminum frame backseat  ●Pedal