Gegründet im Jahr 2012 an der Küste von Ningbo, China, wurde Kuer Gruppe aus der Idee geboren, dass jeder ein qualitativ hochwertige Roto-Kunststoff-Form verdient. Aus dieser Idee haben wir eine Reihe von nahezu unzerstörbar Roto-Formprodukten mit vernünftigen Preisen. Unser F & E-Team hat reichlich Erfahrung von 5-10 Jahren in rotogeformten Kunststoffprodukten. Kajaks und Kühler sind Stolz vorgesehen, dazu entworfen, bearbeitetes, vervollkommnet und durch Kuer Gruppe produziert. Jetzt Kuer Gruppe besitzt drei Marken: COOL KAYAK, Iceking, Kür.



  • Customized Medical Army Military project Storage Tool Box China supplier

    Customized Medical Army Military project Storag...

    Short Description: Customized Medical Army Military project Tool Box with the development of technology and society,tool box becomes much more popular than before and its technology improves a lot.Tool box is easy to carry and reliable in storage and it becomes important part of human life.It can be used in industry field,military field,fire-fighting field,outdoor fields and so on. .   Product Specifications Name Tool box OEM Customized available Material LLPED Color,Size Customized. 
  • Rotationsgeformte große Kühlbox mit Rädern

    Rotationsgeformte große Kühlbox mit Rädern

    Kuer Cheap Rotomolded Cooler Box with Wheels Product Description Description: Easy to carry and with advanced features, it was built to handle all you throw at it, adventure after adventure. Made with the same roto-molded polyethylene construction used to make kayaks this cooler holds up against bumps, dragging and scraping against hard objects. Certified as a bear-resistant food container when used with two pad-locks on both front corners, this compact sized cooler is ideal for your kayak,...
  • China Recreational Double Kayak zu verkaufen

    China Recreational Double Kayak zu verkaufen

    China Recreational Polyethene Kayak Boat Introduction: This family kayak is one of the popular tandem sit-on-top kayaks.Over 300kgs capacoty plus great stability makes it a great choice for two parents with their kid.Take your kid to do some explorations and let them learn more about the world.   Specification Specification Length 370cm/145.67” Width 86cm/33.86” Height 40cm/15.75” Gross Weight 33/72.75lbs Net Weight 32kgs/70.45lbs Seat 2+1 Capacity 250...
  • China Single 5,1 m sitzen im Seefischerei-Kajak

    China Single 5,1 m sitzen im Seefischerei-Kajak

    China Single 5.1m Sit In Sea Fishing Kayak Rapier touring kayak with great comfort allows you to go anywhere you want.With spaciuos seat well and comfortable backseat,it will deliver a pleasant experience of your sea touring.Now,explore the unknown where you have not gone before. Specification:                                    Standard Parts: Length:510cm                                   2*Bow&stern carrying handle Width:66cm                                      2*Elliptical hatch sto...
  • Tarpon 10ft treiben

    Tarpon 10ft treiben

    Specification: Size: 3200x835x435mm/126.08×32.90×17.14inch Kayak weight: 28kg/61.6lbs Pedal Weight: 7.5kg/165.lbs Backseat:2.4kg/4.8lbs Rated passenger capacity:1 person Load bearing: 140kg/308lbs   Standard parts(For Free): ●Front fishing lid  ●Sliding rail ●BIG rubber stopper ●Drain plug ●Eyes button ●Carry handle ●Flush rod holder ●Bungee cord ●Cover for pedal   ●Rudder system  ●Adjustable aluminum frame backseat  ●Pedal