Cambodia factory oversea of China for manufacturing Plastic Coolers Boxes

How China factories will choose under the pressure of the Global Trade War? China is the biggest manufacturing market in the world for many years, seems the speed and econonic recovering so fast. Even there is no big worry of China, but the global marketing in changing now, as China is not the cheapest labor cost country. To face next 5 or 10 years changing, a lot China factories moving a part of production offsee of China, like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. Those countries will be a part of cheap labor cost with new competition and global position.

Anyhow, Kuer as a top manufactuer of rotomolding plastic box, decided to open their oversea factory in Cambodia too. This is a powerful action to keep supporting their oversea markets like USA and Europe. The Cambodia new factory wil be available for audit after March of 2024, welcome to visit if you have a demand.

Thank you all.

Cambodia fac

Post time: Feb-04-2024