Process Flow

Prior to shipping by PMC, the order must first be placed in the warehouse, where it will be checked for damage and assembly picking and product sampling will take place. The item will then be rotomolded. After foaming, carry out a comprehensive QC foaming inspection before scraping, foaming, and performing other operations. The pieces are correctly inspected, then combined before being improved. After the product is put together, a water and function test is run, and the product hygiene is cleaned. The final step of product packing is accomplished after the comprehensive QC inspection.

1. Ice retention time is more than 5 days. 2. Color,logos,parts customized demands are happy to support. 3. Strong impact resistance, 15m falling products will not crack. 4. Certificate of SGS,CE 5.Unique desgin 6. Good high and low temperature resistance, not easy to catalytic softening. 7. FDA,Bear Resistant certificate. 8.perfect for camping, fishing, hunting and adventuring. 

This is kuer-B-20qt camp cooler.Two bottle openers made of stainless steel one on each side of the lid.Customized logo will be moved to the middle of the box cover, making the whole more rounded.Our company can also provide product customization services, color, LOGO, details, size.

This is KUER-B-70qt with wheel.Thick polyurethane insulation layer, longer heat retention effect.Equipped with non slip, seamless feet pads, which keep the box stability on the ground.

Sea Foam Green color combine with rotomolded cooler looks very nice,it creats a new feeling of the durable cooler,more soft beautiful and bright.It's a good color for Spring season,is it? Enjoy the Spring in outdoor with green trees and flowers.

Thick PU insulation keeps ice frozen for days.Nylon handle-rope with handle bars which is according with ergonomic, make easy to carry, and not easily damage.Color,logos,parts customized demands are happy to support.

The  Rotational-molded technology ensures impact resistance and long-term durability;The one-piecs seamless structure makes it leak-proof;The food-grade PE materials used are all non-toxic,UV and corrosion resistant,and stable in hot or cold conditions.

A special molded handles of the rotomoled ice cooler made in China, to know us more.

The model is designed in 2016 but still very good sales till now.More models are options in

Who we are? Intented on quality and designs improving is the first rule to live in the market.After 9 years of development,Kuer become a main role on rotomolding plastic products and build many high standards of inspection for their Japan,Korea and US clients.