Kuer cooler-C

Company advantages

1.Lead time : 3-5 days for sample order, 15-18days for 20'ft container, 20-25days for 40'HQ container

2.We have a 5- to 10-year-old R&D staff.

3.Workshop equipment:Advanced full-automatic machinery

4.Our technology:Computer numerical control high-tech

5.10 years rotational molding technology experience

Product advantages

(1).Versatility included,optional basket keeps items dry and the divider gives you more compartments.

(2).Extra thick closed-cell foam insulation,can keep your things cold for 5-7 days

(3).The combination of durable rubber T-lat chess will keep your food and beverages secure.

(4).The perfect size,is small enough to carry alone while still having an impressive carrying capacity

(5).The fish ruler on the lid helps you measure your catch .

(6).Large drain,leak-proof drain for easy cleaning

(7).Freezer seal,deep freezer seals with thick PU insulation keeps cold air trapped inside

(8).Thick PU insulation keeps ice frozen for days

(9).Rugged construction with one-piece rotomolded cooler box.

(10).Rotational-molded cooler technology ensure impact resistance and long-term durability for refrigeration box.

Kuer cooler-C

KUER cooler series C includes 10/20/35/45/60/75qt, 70/110qt cooler with wheels.Various sizes to meet your various needs.Cooler box use rolling process, impact resistance, durable; integrated seamless structure, waterproof; all food grade PE materials, non-toxic, UV resistant, corrosion resistant, in hot and cold conditions can be used stably. If required,optional basket keeps items dry and the divider gives you more compartments.KUER OEM cooler box have many professional workers,who have more than ten years’ experience of coolers mold and manufacture.



According to the size, Kuer cooler-C are divided into three types:10/20/35/45/60/75qt, 70/110qt cooler with wheels.

10qt/9.5liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 10.1(L)x5.2(W)x9.3(H) inches;external dimensions measure 17.3(L)x11.4(W) x 12.5(H)inches.Weight is 4.5KG.

20qt/18.9liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 14.4(L)x8.1(W)x10.4(H) inches;external dimensions measure 21.2(L)x13.3(W) x 14.3(H)inches.Weight is 6.9KG.

35qt/33.1liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 16.9(L)x11(W)x12.1(H) inches;external dimensions measure 22.4(L) x16.2(W) x 16.2(H)inches.Weight is 9.2KG

45qt/42.6liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 21.5(L)x11(W)x12.1(H) inches;external dimensions measure 27(L) x16.2(W) x 16.2(H)inches.Weight is 10.9KG

60qt/56.8liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 22.5(L)x12.2(W)x13.8(H) inches;external dimensions measure 28.2(L) x18.2(W) x 17.9(H)inches.Weight is 14.09KG

75qt/70.09liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 28.2(L)x12.2(W)x13.8(H) inches;external dimensions measure 33.9(L) x18.2(W) x 18.1(H)inches.Weight is 15KG

70qt with wheels/66.2liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 28.15(L)x12.2(W)x13(H) inches;external dimensions measure 34.06(L) x19.1(W) x 17.9(H)inches.Weight is 16.59KG

110qt with wheels/104.1liter capacity, internal dimensions measure 31.7(L)x14.3(W)x14.2(H) inches;external dimensions measure 37.5(L) x19.8(W) x 19.5(H)inches.Weight is 22.94KG



1.) Fishing coolers are used for keeping cold items for long time, such as beverages, meat, fish, seafood , vegetables, fruits…

2.) Nowadays, plastic coolers ice box have been widely used in cold chain logistics, catering industry, fishing industry, and outdoor activities.

Process Flow

Prior to shipping by PMC, the order must first be placed in the warehouse, where it will be checked for damage and assembly picking and product 

sampling will take place. The item will then be rotomolded. After foaming, carry out a comprehensive QC foaming inspection before scraping, foaming,

 and performing other operations. The pieces are correctly inspected, then combined before being improved. After the product is put together, a water

 and function test is run, and the product hygiene is cleaned. The final step of product packing is accomplished after the comprehensive QC inspection.


About the rotomolding process

Add the raw material to the mold, heat it so that it rotates continuously along two perpendicular axes, and cool it to obtain the final product. This process results in the raw material in the mold being gradually uniformly coated by gravity and heat, adhering to the mold's surface, and taking on the desired shape.


Kuer surface PE material: modified LLDPE imported from Thailand
1.The melt flow rate of the material is 7, the processing temperature range is wide, and the surface of the product is excellent;
2.The anti-aging performance is excellent, and the anti-UV grade is 8 (sunlight 8000 hours) can ensure that its impact performance and product color will not decay under long-term outdoor use;
3.The suspension impact strength is 27J, and the impact strength of the product is good;
Surface PE materials of most other factories: other brands of LLDPE in Thailand
1.The melt flow rate of the material is 7 or below, which is very sensitive to the processing temperature requirements, and the surface of the produced products is prone to problems such as pinholes;
2.There are many UV resistance grades For 4-6 grades, it can be used outdoors for a lot less time, and it is easy to change color after long-term exposure.
3. The suspension impact strength is 23-25J, and the impact strength of the product is average;

Optional accessories
It can be placed in the middle of the hard cooler box, play the role of breaking the inner space of the ice cooler box, so that the storage function is more practical.



Food cooler box storage basket with stainless steel material basket from Kuer rotomolded cooler box manufacturer. Commodity shelf can hung on the UPPE of the camping picnic ice cooler box which can store something that must keep dry and could be installed in 20qt/45qt/75qt coolers.

3.Cup holder:

The saucer fixed beside the portable locking cooler box under the help of "U" shape hook, it is detachable you can take them down when you don’t need.

This kind of saucer's size can not adjustable. But the size of saucer can customized according to our special requirements.


Company Information:

The best-known attributes of KUER hard plastic cooler boxes are their superior quality, functionality, comfort, and market-leading extras. Certification for the ISO 9001 quality management system.
For all manners of temperature-controlled food storage and transit, the hunting  cooler box family of insulated containers may offer efficient and incredibly safe operational solutions.
Ningbo Kuer Kayak Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Kuer Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. formed the Kuer Group in August 2012.
Ningbo Kuer Outdoors Co., Ltd. was added in March 2016. The Kuer Group owns the brands KUER, ICEKING, and COOL KAYAK.

The business, which has held the top spot in the sector, specializes in the design, fabrication, and processing of plastic molds and products. Various kayaks,China iceking cooler box, tool boxes, ice buckets, and related parts and accessories are among our primary offerings. Additionally, we offer OEM and ODM services to our clients.

Our factory, which has a 40000 square meter footprint, is situated in No. 1000, Cisoutheast Avenue, Longshan Town, Cixi City, Ningbo. With the advantage of high quality and high quality, our products are primarily targeted at the middle- and high-end markets and have received praise from nations such as the United States, Germany, Finland, Spain, Mexico, and Japan.

 Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" development guidelines, is committed to become the most cost-effective kayaking and incubator manufacturers at home and abroad, welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and guidance!




1.Color Customization

At present, the company can provide single color, mixed color, camouflage color, and can also make different colors according to customer requirements

2.Logo Options

A.Embossed logo
B.Stickers, aluminum logo, crystal labels, etc., mostly for displaying guest logos
C.Thermal transfer sticker (permanently printed on the box)
D.Front logo Large sticker showing the thermal insulation parameters

3.Customized Models

KUER can design the style and appearance of p

warranty period

KUER hunting coolers unceasing development and progress, and achieved a good reputation in local area ,also got the best support from the global partners quickly. For feedback our customers and partners,we have no reason to slow down our speed,what we can do best is support best quality with competitive price ,and we will insist on it forever.

5 years for free warranty offered by Kuer insulated lunch cooler box.

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