Fishing Kayak

Fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in many different countries.Cool Kayak manufacturer offer special boat for fishing that are designed and accessorized for this port, including specially-designed hatches, flush mount rod holders, oversized tank well with bungee cord,sit on top high back outfitting, adjustable sliding foot braces, rudder system.We use a newly designed structure to configure,design a suitable for your outdoor kayak.which makes fishing more convenient for users,make you fishing more scientific and more reasonable.

Product advantages

1.Great for fishing

2.Flush mount rod holders

3.Oversized tank well with bungee cord

4.Click seal bow hatch; large bow hatch

5.Molded-in cup holder

6.Molded-in carry handles for easy travel

7.Seat by hand: The seat can slide forward or backward

8.We use a newly designed structure to configure,which makes fishing more convenient for users

9.Make you fishing more scientific and more reasonable

10.The handle is ergonomically designed to make the fishing pedal kayak more light.

11.The large hatch on the fishing boat has enough space to hold goods.


Big Dace Pro 10ft  size:3100x843x360mm Load bearing:140kg/308.64lbs

BIG Dace Pro Angler 13ft Size:3950x840x400mm Load bearing:200kg/440.00lbs

Dace Pro Angler14ft  Size:4230x770x400mm  Load bearing: 280kg/617.29lbs

Dace Pro Angler12ft  Size:3630x780x350mm  Load bearing:180kg/396lbs

Mini Dace Pro Angler 10ft  Size:3100x760x380mm  Load bearing:190kg/418lbs

Rodster  Size:2920x837x356mm  Load bearing:170kg/374lbs

Why choose fishing kayak

Ordinary. Because kayaking fishing allows you to enjoy the complete experience of tracking your prey catch. You are now at fish level, with all the excitement and satisfaction, plus your negligible impact on the environment.

It really doesn't require much time or money investment, and the return is worth it. Nothing catching fish has an incredible satisfaction but your own muscles and mind. You have to use the energy to push the angler kayak, burn calories, and may lose a little weight and become healthier.

But if you plan to actually fish, you need a hard plastic fishing kayak. Their design is slightly different from the standard . Fishing kayak boats are usually a little wider to improve stability. They had fishing devices, paddle, rods, and mounting points for fish detectors and other accessories.

How to outfit a kayak for fishing


It's no news that kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular every year. The explosive growth of the population can be attributed to the fact that pedal drive kayaks can easily navigate any type of body of water, and they can reach some places that other water boats may not reach.

In addition, angler plastic kayaks are the first choice for fishing because there are kayaks specially designed for fishing. They have features such as rod holders that make them suitable for fishing. Even touring kayaks that are not made for fishing can be equipped so that they also have features that make them ideal for fishing.

So, you’re looking to venture out to fish on your kayak boat and you’re not sure what to fit on your plastic kayak to better prepare you for the trip, you’re in the right place.We will explain it here.

Rod Holders

As the name suggests, rod holders help you to hold your fishing rods while you’re busy paddling or doing something else. Rotomolded fishing kayaks usually come factory-fitted with them but you can still attach one to your kayak if it doesn’t have any. Generally, there are two types of rod holders; swivel fishing rod holders and flush rod holders.

swivel fishing rod holders offer you the opportunity to decrease and increase their heights while still being able to rotate them to fit in any position you want them to. Some are even removable to create space for other stuff when they aren’t in use. 

Flush rod holders are mostly inconspicuous as they’re sometimes molded into the sea fishing kayak itself. If you have one on your kayak it would most likely be on the rear of your kayak. They can also be removed when not in use. 

However, you should know that you should always leash your fishing rods and other important gear kits to your kayak in case they fall into the water. 



Anchors are great for keeping your rooted to a spot while you’re fishing. Otherwise, you would find yourself spinning in every direction under the control of the wind or the water currents. A complete anchor system includes anchor itself, a chain, an anchor trolley, and an anchor line. 

Paddle leash

Errors occur from time to time. Your paddle may slip, your gears may fall, or worse, your angler plastic kayak may flip. When these things happen, you may throw some items from your gear pack into the water. Trust me, it can be a very frustrating experience.

You can leash a lot of your stuff to your LLDEP kayak so that if anything falls over, it is unable to sink to the water bottom or float away from you. A paddle leash is useful for just that. There are customized paddle leashes that could be bought from the store, or you could just find a strong rope and tie either end to the kayak and the paddle. 


Comfortable Seats

It is possible to go out fishing for hours unending. One thing you would definitely hate yourself for after you’re done fishing is not being comfortable on your canoes kayak seat. As a matter of fact, this could take the thrill out of your fishing experience.

The adjustable seat is perfect for making it easy to sit in different positions. However, no matter which seat you decide to use, make sure it has a solid backrest and is well padded. Also, make sure the seat is a few inches above the Ocean boat deck so that you don't wet yourself when the water enters the kayak.

In addition to making you comfortable, some seats have waterproof pocket space where you can store something you don't want to get wet. If you can get something like this, great.




1.Color Customization

At present, the company can provide single color, mixed color, camouflage color, and can also make different colors according to customer requirements

2.Logo Customization

Silk screen logo,heat transfer logo,and cold logos are all available

3.Customized Models

We have rich experience in developing new model according to requirements

About packing 


After checking the plastic kayak canoe, we will package it in bubble bag + carton sheet + plastic bag, with three layers of each kayak. If the customer has special needs, we will also make special packaging according to the customer's requirements.

warranty period

KUER plastic fishing kayak development and progress, and achieved a good reputation in local area ,also got the best support from the global partners quickly. For feedback our customers and partners,we have no reason to slow down our speed,what we can do best is support best quality with competitive price ,and we will insist on it forever.

1 year warranty for plastic kayak with paddle hull.

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