This is our 12.5Ft single flipper pedal kayak bearing.Sport Load bear 150kg, Static Load bear 180kg. The 375cm length and 89cm width of the hull are enough to give you more stability in case of inclement weather.Support custom colors,Logo,model.

This is a load-bearing video of our new two-person pedal kayak, under the weight of two adults, but also put about 110kg weight, Sport Load bearing can reach 230kg.

This is the load-bearing video of our new two-person pedal kayak that can withstand 300kg in static condition.

It's a client's video from Mexico how they use the recreation kayaks in sea,more happy time to follow us by http://www.kuer-group.com/


Transparent kayak is a new type of canoe kayak, which can be used by all people and can be navigated by discovering the wonderful underwater world.This ocean kayak benefits from the latest technological progress and is designed with PC, which is a material developed for the aviation industry, because it is super impact resistant, very light and has the same transparency as glass. This excellent transparency provides underwater visibility of more than 20 meters.It gives you the freedom and opportunity to explore the surrounding marine life while out on the water.

Play rotomolded kayaks in ocean from Mexico,customers share the video for their happy time,kayak details can check http://www.kuer-group.com/ and contact us for quote.

Fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in many different countries.Cool Kayak manufacturer offer special boat for fishing that are designed and accessorized for this port, including specially-designed hatches, flush mount rod holders, oversized tank well with bungee cord,sit on top high back outfitting, adjustable sliding foot braces, rudder system.We use a newly designed structure to configure,design a suitable for your outdoor kayak.which makes fishing more convenient for users,make you fishing more scientific and more reasonable.

Big Dace Pro Angler 10ft is our new kayak,it was upgraded from the Dace Pro Angler 10ft.Inherited the original stability, now the line is smoother, more stylish appearance.

10 feet tarpon propel kayak has certain shrink in length and width, but this does not affect it to speed and equipment detailed requirements, as our hot sales, it can bring you a different enjoyment and relaxation!

A new kayak design for weight capacity testing,as a professional kayaks suppliers we always pay more attention to design or update a new kayak,also do more testing before the moulds done.It's necessary to know how we did and how we responsible to our customers.

The process of camo color of rotomoled coolers,similar to kayaks too.To know more details welcome to contact us http://www.kuer-group.com/

This is way we loaded kayaks in container,as the sizes are irregularity,the capacity is estimated and final loading data only be clear when finish the load.A reliable kayak supplier,more details in http://www.kuer-group.com/

This family fishing kayak is one of popular family sit-on-tops specifically set up for kayak fishing. Over 260 kgs' capacity plus great stability, adds up to a great choice for two adults and a kid. Perfect for dads ang moms who want to introduce the sport og fishing to their kids. You'll never want to fish alone again.If you want to know more information,please click 2022 most popular double person rotomolded touring kayak cheapest LLDPE ocean kayak - China Ningbo Kuer Group (kuer-group.com)

The pedal system can make you slide on the water easily,suitable for fishing,entertainment.It will be easy and take less time for a touring trip when you use the pedal kayak.Thus you will have more time for enjoyment and relaxstion.If you want to be easy on the road,this is the perfect choice.@Tarpon propel 13ft Roto molded plastic kayak for sale - China Ningbo Kuer Group (kuer-group.com)