New product notice-fiberglass surfboard

The good news is that kuer is about to launch a new product – fiberglass surfboard. Different from the ordinary inflatable board, the fiberglass surfboard is made of glass fiber + EPS foam material, which has high strength and high temperature resistance.

The glass fiber performance is qualified,using vacuum technology to ensure strength,Product process and quality are controlled

1.qualified polishing wax

2.achieve the mirror effect

3.In the production process, the surfboard has to undergo several visual inspections. After the blank is out of the mold, it is necessary to check whether there are gaps and other defects.

4.The forming step is very important to the appearance and performance of the board. The forming step should be carried out in a well-lit place so that the builder can find any defects. Board material for the final inspection.

Support customization:

1.Customized according to your preference, you can customize your length, width, density, thick bottom, tail, etc. Build a surfboard that is unique to you. 

2.Customized accessories (fin system, handle, exhaust system, etc.)

3.custom spray gun or spray paint


Post time: Sep-16-2022